IROC Science AG is specialized in providing consulting services for translational research projects in ophthalmology. Our team of highly skilled researchers serve the ophthalmic industry and clinicians by supporting them with applied research, product development and clinical trial services.  

"We aim to create value by translation of scientific discoveries and technological advancements to the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of ophthalmic diseases."

- Michael Mrochen, Founder and CEO of IROC Science -


Watch Dr. A. Cummings explaining the possible benefits of a new Vision Behaviour Monitor (VBM) developed by IROC Science, that would provide measurements and data on real-life use of vision, objectively assessing what patients need in this video from ESCRS Winter meeting in Maastricht, NE.
24th February 2017

28th June, 2016

Prof. M. Mrochen is awarded a Meritorious Services Star by the Eye Advance Congress 2016 in Mumbai, India
18th June, 2016

The ISRS' clinical newsletter - Refractive Surgery Outlook, speaks on "
Applications of Anterior Segment OCT in Refractive Surgery" in its March 2016 issue.
26th May, 2016

CRST Europe publishes an insert with the highlights from the Alcon WaveLight Users Meeting held in Hamburg on 19-21 June 2015 in its January 2016 issue quoting Prof. M.Mrochen's words on the importance of optimal centration for laser ablation.
21st March, 2016

In its August 2015 issue The Ophthalmologist publishes an article under the title "For Surgeons, by Surgeons", that describes a new ocular biometer, Mirricon: a device for better IOL accuracy to meet patients' expectations.
11th November, 2015

An article on importance of accurate eye measurements for cataract surgery outcomes, "The New Ocular Biometers: How Do They Stack Up?" by Arthur Cummings, Michael Mrochen et al. is published in July/August 2015 issue of CRST Europe.
22nd October, 2015

ESCRS journal EuroTimes publishes in its July/August issue Dr. A. Cummings's feedback on a new wavefront-optimised refractive laser treatment, designed by Prof. Michael Mrochen.
9th August, 2015

Prof. Michael Mrochen summarizes his talk on "Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking: Epi-on or Epi-off" in the video from ISRS in London:
5th July, 2015

Watch a video with Prof. Michael Mrochen,
co-founder and CTO of ClearSight Innovations, speaking of the the ocular biometer for high-performance IOL power calculations, Mirricon - "one solution for all kinds of eyes" in his presentation at OIS in San Diego, 16th April, 2015.
18th June, 2015

Watch Prof. Mrochen taking part in the discussion on "Laser Technology: What Do We Have? What Do We Want?" from ESCRS.
25th May, 2015

"It was a pleasure to have the Avedro Ambassador group as guests in Zurich - two exiting days of matching scientific achievements with clinical experience in corneal cross linking." - Prof. Michael Mrochen, Co-Chairman

20th May, 2015

Read through an introduction to the three emerging technologies that promise important advances in ocular surgery in as little as the next two years given by Michael Mrochen.
30th April, 2015

Watch the video from AECOS winter meeting 2015 in Aspen, where Michael Mrochen compares the process of getting a new ophthalmic device to market in the European Union and the United States.
8th March, 2015

In its February 2015 issue
Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today Europe journal publishes two articles by M.S. Talary, M.Mrochen "Developing Ophthalmic Devices in a Changing EU Regulatory Environment" and by M.S. Talary, Y.Huang "Bringing an Ophthalmic Device to Market".
5th March, 2105

Read extracts from Michael Mrochen's talk at Winter ESCRS meeting 2015 in Istanbul published by Healio on how the novel ocular biometer, that has been tested on a group of subjects by ClearSight Innovations, has potential to enhance precision of IOL power calculation.
26th February, 2015

An interview with Michael Mrochen under the title "Predictable Struggle" on how newer diagnostic technologies may improve laser refractive surgery outcomes was published in February issue of ESCRS Eurotimes.
13th February, 2015

The ESCRS Eurotimes publishes an article based on Michael Mrochen's talk at the 5th EuCornea Congress in London on
Brillouin Technology as a promising tool for improving outcomes of corneal crosslinking (CXL)

8th January, 2015

Read the interview with Michael Mrochen about early stage med-tech product development and validation on Inspira 3.0 blog
30th December, 2014

The Ophtalmologist published the article "Translational Research:Innovate Horizontally" (PDF) where we demonstrate with examples from ophthalmic industry how the successful horizontal technology transfer is happening when innovator is pulling the solution from another domain. We discuss the “Valley of Death” of expertise.                                                     
  19th December, 2014

Watch Michael Mrochen taking part in an interview for The Ophthalmologist at the Ophthalmology Futures Forum in London, 2014: "
Find out what makes the meeting unique from the innovators and the investors who are driving the future of ophthalmology forward."

Watch the interview with Michael Mrochen on
"Innovations in Excimer Laser Surgery" at ESCRS 2014:

The “PowerList” 2014

The Ophthalmologist published a “PowerList” 2014, to display a list of whom they deemed as the 100 most influential people in ophthalmology today. Switzerland was named three times on this list, including the number one position. These names include Theo Seiler (top-ranked ophthalmologist), Farhad Hafezi, and Michael Mrochen.

The complete list can be found here

Read the interview of the ESCRS EUROTIMES with Michael Mrochen about "Error budgeting analysis of corneal laser refractive surgery"

Upcoming Events

Past Events:

11th International Congress of Corneal Cross-Linking took place on December 4-5, 2015 in Boston, MA USA

Prof. Michael Mrochen presented two instructional courses at the ECSRS congress, September 5-9 2015, in Barcelona:

"Navigating EU regulations for post-market device surveillance: a guide for ophthalmic clinical researchers"

Treatment strategy for custom ablation of visually disturbing irregular astigmatism after refractive surgery and in keratoconus - "Do we need better diagnosis and lasers, our limitations and error budget?"

as well as a presentation on "Clinical results with a new 'one click' ocular biometer in 118 cataract eyes".

At Pint of Science Ireland event was held on May 18-20, 2015 in Dublin Prof. Mrochen' s talk under the title "Lasers and eyeballs - a better combination than you'd think" was scheduled for the 20th of May.

The following papers, co-authored by IROC Science team, were presented at the
AVRO (Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology) Annual Meeting held on May, 3-7, 2015 in Denver, Colorado, USA:

"Clinical results in 30 eyes with a Purkinje based ocular biometer for IOL power calculation",
"Model eye measurement with novel device combining Purkinje reflections and OLCR",
"Two models for post-op IOL Position calculation with a new ocular biometer device".

Michael Mrochen has given a short talk at the Ophthalmology Innovation Summit (OIS at ASCRS) on April 16, 2015 in San Diego CA, USA.

At Avedro event within ASCRS 2015 in San Diego CA, USA, Michael Mrochen's talk on "New applications for brillouin spectroscopy" was scheduled on April 18, 2015 at 7:18 PM
Michael Mrochen gave two talks at the American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery (AECOS) that is taking place in Aspen, Colorado, USA, March, 1-4, 2015 on: "Getting a new innovative ophthalmic device to EU market. Is it now easier in the US?" and "Advanced ocular modeling for IOL power calculation. Are all formulae dead?"

Along with poster presentations, Michael Mrochen has given paper presentation "Model eye measurement with novel device combining Purkinje reflections and OLCR” at the 19th ESCRS Winter Meeting, held in Istanbul on February, 20-22, 2015.

The 10th International Congress of Corneal Cross-Linking took place on Friday, December 5 and Saturday, December 6, 2014. Around 220 participants from over 40 countries attended.

IROC Science provided the attendees of the 10th International Congress of Corneal Cross-Linking with two presentations with an industrial viewpoint. Mark Talary gave guidance on how to successfully innovate for medical device development and Michael Mrochen discussed how industry should react to changes in the EU MDD Regulatory Environment to successfully certify and maintain approval for such medical devices.

ESCRS 2014 in London, 32nd Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons

ASCRS Symposium & Congress in Boston, April 25-29. 2014

The annual ARVO Meeting in Orlando, May 4-8.2014

The 9th International Congress of Corneal Cross-Linking in Dublin was a great success. The scientific program included many highly interesting and cutting edge presentations, company courses, and free paper presentations as well as a wide range of electronic poster presentations.

On Saturday the Theo Seiler Young Researcher Award was given to: Sabine KlingFriday night attendees and exhibitors shared a wonderful congress dinner with the organizing committee, which included an impressive Irish dance show.

Congratulations again!

Collaboration with ifa systems AG
We are proud to announce our collaboration and are looking forward to very interesting work with ifa systems AG.

Member of the Medical Cluster 2014
We are proud to announce to be a member of the Medical Cluster 2014

Recent publications

McQuaid, R., Li, J., Cummings, A., Mrochen, M., & Vohnsen, B. (2014). Second-harmonic reflection imaging of normal and accelerated corneal crosslinking using porcine corneas and the role of intraocular pressure. Cornea, 33(2), 125–30. 

Wernli, J., Schumacher, S., Spoerl, E., & Mrochen, M. (2013). The efficacy of corneal cross-linking shows a sudden decrease with very high intensity UV-light and short treatment time. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 54(2), 1176–80.

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